New Disney Wedding Dresses – Make Your Dreams Come True!

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Most girls dream of becoming fabulous princesses after growing up. But many adult people forget about it. However, at their own wedding, many girls want to be princesses and nothing less. Now any girl can make a childhood dream come true with the help of the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection produced by Alfred Angelo. If you make the design of your wedding in the same style, your wedding will resemble your favorite fairytale. The design of gowns resembles that of outfits of beloved princesses from Disney fairy tales. Below you will see a description of these gowns.

Cinderella Bridal Gown

It is a luxurious light dress with a lush skirt and open shoulders. Cinderella dress in made of transparent tulle & taffeta. The décolleté is strewn with beads and rhinestones. The dress materials flicker when moving, resembling fairy tale stories and recalling the crystal shoes.

Ariel Wedding Dress

The dress fits around the waist and hips. The skirt expands from the knee, resembling the shape of a mermaid’s tail. The dress is very elegant. Decoration with a flickering lace and pearls resembles the sea. Hips area is asymmetrically draped, which animates the dress and emphasizes the tenderness of the curves of the bride’s figure.

Jasmine Style Wedding Dress

It is a fitted and elongated dress with a flowing skirt. Decoration of the neck and bodice with rhinestones, beads, and pearls gives a touch of fabulousness to the dress. The dress is made of softly shimmering satin. Also, it has oriental motifs.

Snow White Wedding Dress

It is an airy and gentle dress. Its lavish skirt is sprinkled with flowers. The corset is trimmed with lace and strewn with apple blossoms & shimmering crystals. The waist is underlined by a satin girdle with a bow on the back.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Wedding Dress

It is an airy, fluffy, and romantic gown. The dress features a multi-layered skirt, decorated with ruffles. The corset is trimmed with lace and pearls. Ruffles of the skirt “breathe” in motion.

Tiana Wedding Dress

It is the most unusual dress in the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection. One strap on the shoulder and a line of low waist are decorated with a chain of water lilies and complemented with metallic pearls, embroidery, and beads. Brooch on the hem is made in the same style.

Belle Wedding Dress

The dress features unusual metallic flickering embroidery and corset with crystals. Air sleeves and skirt give airiness to the image.

New Disney Bridal Dresses from a Japanese Company

A lot of brides & brides-to-be were understandably upset when Alfred Angelo abruptly closed the company’s doors last summer due to the bankruptcy filing. As was previously mentioned, Alfred Angelo was the premier designer of Disney bridal gowns.

We’re now happy to say that a new wedding designer has cooperated with Disney and is producing Disney-created bridal gowns! The new corporation, Kuraudia Co., is based in Japan. The outfits were announced under the names of famous Disney characters – Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, and Snow White.

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