Top Favorite Islands in Makassar Indonesia among Travelers

Located in southwest coast of Sulawesi Island, this capital city of South Sulawesi is known to have many hidden paradises in this city. With the location near to equator, Makassar Indonesia have perfect tropical temperature for enjoying summer holiday. In fact, Sulawesi is famous for its diving and surfing spot among travelers, and some of them located in this city. The accommodation of this city have connected to international flight, which you can get direct flight to here from some certain countries. Another option is by landing in Jakarta, then continue flight to here. Subsequently, to visit the islands, you need to take bus and then cross the sea by boat.

  1. Kayangan Island

Kayangan is Indonesian term means paradise. Visiting this famous island in Makassar Indonesia will give you sensation of being in tropical paradise. In fact, this island is a small size island in the middle of the sea. Although only a small island, but many facilities that you can enjoy here like restaurant, resorts and water sports such as jetsky, banana boat, and swimming pool. You can also enjoy the beautiful sparkling view of Makassar through this island at night.

  1. Kapoposang Island

This island is popular place for diving and surfing. The sea water is like crystal clear which make the undersea corals is visible to enjoy even when you still on the boat. Many spots dive such as Shark Point and Tanjung Point. There is also an Aquarium Point which looks like aquarium with small fish or wrasse that play around the soft corals. Seeing and enjoying the beauty of sunrise and sunset is also the most beautiful moment while in this island.

  1. LaeLae Island

With the wide around 0,04 km2, this island isn’t big island but have its own charms. Once you set foot on this island, you will be greeted with a stretch of white sand with trees that look dried without leaves. On this island there are already facilities that are quite complete. Starting from the inn with affordable prices, places to eat, and lodging cottage called Bale-bale. The facility is managed by local people on the island.

  1. Samalona Island

The underwater scenery of Samalona Island are famous all over the world. No wonder if every day there are both local and foreign tourists who visit this island. Swimming, diving and surfing are most popular activities in this place. In this island, you can also find souvenir shop and restaurant. There you can enjoy seafood cuisine like fish and grilled crabs. To get to Samalona Island, visitors must travel about 2 km by using a motor boat. Motor boat rental services can be found at the dock of Makassar City which is located not far from Losari Beach.

Those are the list of islands in Makassar Indonesia. Those places are perfect place for enjoy private holiday, surfing, and diving. No wonder that most of those islands have been the destination places for newlywed to enjoy their honey moon. In order to get the easy accommodation, you can request guidance from tour and travel service by booking it beforehand. They will facilitate all your tour from arrival until departure.

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